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Have you recently been promoted at work? Did you just have a career setback? Are you thinking of switching to a new role or even a new organisation? You understand that to go to the next level in your career you need to develop the confidence to take on more challenging and high profile leadership roles. But you struggle to take action. Time, fear, resistance and other roadblocks consistently get in your way.

The good news is you are not alone! Most emerging leaders recognise the need to be more proactive and intentional in their approach to their career. Many of them just don’t know how.

An emerging leaders coach offers structured and supportive guidance to help you successfully achieve your career and leadership goals. Acting as an objective and trusted advisor, your coach helps you clarify, prioritise and focus on your professional goals, whilst sharing strategies and best practices to help you overcome the challenges that stand in your way. With an expert resource to help you face your fears and challenge you to be your best self, you are far more likely to follow through on your commitment to yourself.

Whether you are just starting off in a leadership role or you have taken on additional responsibilities, you know that it is a very challenging task to balance your career and professional development with the increasing demands of your job. Like elite athletes emerging leaders need a strong coach to help them manage their career goals.
As a results-oriented coach with vast experience across the health and business sector I will help you to figure out how.

  • Clarify your goals
  • Use tools and frameworks to develop new leadership skills and strategies
  • Confront any self- doubt that would potentially undermine your career success.

Your 5 Step Success Strategy

Step 1 Clarifying your career direction

Step 2 Developing your success strategy

Step 3 Conduct a successful Job Search

Step 4 Getting a job offer

Step 5 Managing Transition

Emerging Health Leaders Coaching Process

You need to concern yourself with the skills that will make you successful at your job. You need a place to learn grow and be supported, Emerging Health Leaders coaching can help you set your goals and maximise your chances of success.
My emerging leaders coaching process begins with an in depth assessment of your current skills and abilities. This allows us to focus on your unique strengths and abilities and to then clarify your goals and vision so we can build a plan to achieve them.
At the core of this process are powerful regularly scheduled conversations in which we address your current challenges and develop strategies for your next steps.
This process may also include:

  • Real time support between sessions
  • Self- promotion strategies
  • Role playing opportunities
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Jennifer Gale, MSc.
Emerging Health Leaders Coach and Mentor

Jennifer is passionate about enabling people to fulfil their potential. As an experienced health executive she knows and understands from first- hand experience, that health is the most complex business on earth, and that navigating a career in this environment is equally complex. With a successful track record of success Jennifer uses her knowledge, experience, frameworks and tools to help emerging leaders navigate the this path smoothly

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